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New Enterprises’ Helpdesk was founded in 1994 in the seat of Servimpresa. This Helpdesk supports future entrepreneurs at the beginning of his/her activity providing information, training and counselling tailored assistance. The service can answer the needs of the labour market. The services are free.

* Information
- on procedures: we provide administrative, legal and bureaucratic information necessary to start up a company. A special software indicates all the necessary procedures to start up more than 4000 companies. We can print the proper documents or provide a list of the institutions which release them.
- on grants: we provide information on European, national, regional and local grants, with special attention to young and women entrepreneurs.
* Counselling services
With personal interviews we can help entrepreneurs to develop their idea and to transform it in a business, underlining also the weaknesses and strengths.
- Vocational guidance: evaluation of the skills to start a company with personal interviews and with a test prepared by a team of experts.
- Risk’s evaluation: evaluations of new enterprises’ risks.
- Choice of the best legal status: we present advantages and disadvantages of all the legal status in order to help the future entrepreneur to choose the best activity s/he wants to start up.
- Business planning: we provide indications to prepare the Business Plan, which is fundamental to have grants.
* Training services:
On the bases of the specific needs of every entrepreneurial activity we provide specific training courses.
* Documentation services:
We provide materials and documents to start up a new company. We also publish handouts and books concerning enterprises.
* Tailored assistance services:
For funded courses the entrepreneurs can have a free tailored assistance service to prepare the Business Plan



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