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c/o Provincia di Cremona - Piazza Stradivari, 5
26100 Cremona CR
Tel. 0372 406536 - 406537 - 406660 - Fax 0372 406635

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The employment office for disabled people deals with inclusion in the labour market of unemployed people who are enrolled at the lists instituted according to the law n. 68/99. The employment activity aims at “identifying” a job adapt to the working skills of all the people and to the operative requirements of the hiring companies.

The beneficiaries of the services are:
* persons who are physically, psychological, intellectually or sensory disabled who have reductions in their working skills (more than 45% according to the certifications of the commissions for the analysis of civil disability);
* victims of accidents on the jobplace with disability more than 33% (certified by I.N.A.I.L. according to the regulations in force) ;
* blind or deaf-mute people;
* registered disabled ex-serviceman, victims of industrial injuries part of the 8th category of the charts attached to the War Pensions Single Act;
* Orphans and spouses of victims of industrial injuries or wars;
* Italian repatriated refugees.

Necessary documents if you want to enter the compulsory employment lists:
* Unemployment declaration
* Documents which can demonstrate that a person is part of the protected categories of law 68/99

The services are free


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