Cremona: Confartigianato Associazione artigiani della provincia di Cremona - english version

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Via Rosario, 5
26100 Cremona CR
Tel. 0372 598811/12 - Fax 0372 598841

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The Association wants to defend the economic and union interests of handcrafts enterprises and of all the associated enterprises promoting their development, fostering associationism and organizing all the initiatives necessary for their progress.
The Association assists the associated enterprises for their management (concerning union, fiscal, legal, economic, judicial, financial, health, insurance, environmental, cultural problems). The Association provides specific services.

The Association organizes services for its members concerning union, political and fiscal support.
It organizes courses for its members in the framework of the ESF and with the support of ELFI, the training institution of Confartigianato Lombardia; these courses are organized according to the specific needs of entrepreneurs and they are carried out on all the provincial territory, in particular in Cremona, Casalmaggiore and Soresina.


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