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26100 Cremona CR
Tel. 0372 567611 - Fax 0372 567630

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Job Information
Professionals’ Association

* Promotion and defence of moral, social and economic interests of its members
* It facilitates the relationships among the members to study and solve common problems
* It organizes initiatives to promote professional, technical and union trading of entrepreneurs.
* It provides the members with technical-legal, technical-fiscal, technical-administrative, technical-financial and accounting support.
* It assists and represents the members to sign collective contracts
* It chooses its representatives for institutions or commissions
* It promotes the creation of arbitral boards to solve disputes between entrepreneurs and consumers
* It respects its legal duties

* Data collection and management to hire employees when they are requested
* The Association organizes professional training courses concerning safety.

* You have to fill a form in
* The participation fee is different according to the legal status and the category


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