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Via Matteotti, 15
26100 Cremona CR
Tel. 0372 22060 - 0372 457480 - Fax 0372 410561

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Job Information
Employment Centres

Fostering integration among services and interventions of active labour policies with training/vocational guidance services and policies in order to make efficient the labour offer/demand meeting.
The organizational reference model is inspired by a model able to ensure, with a special analysis of the users’ needs, the interventions’ personalization.
The main goals we want to reach are: a reduction of job search times, better acquisition on behalf of companies of professional skills with training and re-training of people who are looking for a job, prevention of young people’s unemployment and long-lasting unemployment, job placement of adults excluded from the labour market, promotion of job placement of people with fewer opportunities (in particular disable people), support to women’s employment.

* Support and vocational guidance training
* Vocational guidance information meetings: group meetings for unemployed persons who are looking for a job.
* Welcome and vocational guidance training for disabled people: the beneficiaries of the service are the subjects identified by the Disabled People Department of the Province according to the law 68/99 (disadvantaged categories).
* Integration path for foreigners – this service is proposed to foreigners in order to give them more opportunities in the labour world and in the school-training sector – group activity: at least 10 hours.
* Personal Vocational Guidance Interviews: they aims at supporting the user in getting to know their skills and in defining a professional project.
* Skills’ audit: for unemployed young people and adults, unemployed women, people with fewer opportunities, immigrants who need to improve the knowledge of their skills and resources.
* Active job-search: for disabled people, people with fewer opportunities, young people and unemployed adults. University students who need support to look for a job.
* Professional skills’ audit: for those who express the need to analyze their working experiences in a better way.
* Internships: The Placement Centre promotes internships. It was opened in January 2002 a pre-selection database where unemployed people can candidate themselves and companies can find people to be hired.
* Help-work-foreigners desk: it offers a guidance service for foreigners (men – women – young people) unemployed persons, people who want to change their job.
* Eures Help-desk provides, according to the needs of the candidate, the necessary information for European citizens who are interested in a working experience or a training activity in one of the countries of the European Economic Area (European Union, Iceland, and Liechtenstein)
* Publication of job offers and internships
* Administration procedures

Services for enterprises:
* Lists of workers selected according to their qualifications, age, school certificates and place of residence.
* Information concerning incentives and facilitations for hiring new employees
* Pre-selection of the subjects who are interested in internships in companies

Services for Public Administrations:
* Temporary and not-temporary job applications according to the art. 16 of the law n. 56/1987
* Fiscal procedures for employment of specific categories
* List of people who are interested in an internship in public administration.

How to provide the services:
* Welcome and vocational guidance meeting: it’s the first service for the persons who arrive at the Job Centre or at the Job Centre for Disabled People. It is fundamental to add the personal and professional data in the database but it is also fundamental for the following possible activities.
Group activities: 2 hours. Individual activity: 1 or 2 hours
* Integration path for foreigners: this path is proposed to foreigners in order to provide them with more information on the labour world and on the opportunities offered by the school-training system.
Group activities: minimum 10 hours
* Vocational guidance interview: it’s a service dedicated to those who need to define a training-labour personal project
* Model for skill’s audit: this service is for people who do not have working experiences but want to evacuate their inclinations.
Group activities: 10 hours. Individual activity: minimum 5 hours.
* Model for professional skills’ audit: this is useful for those who have important professional experiences and want to enhance their skills, knowledge and competences
Individual activity: minimum 8 hours
* Active job-search techniques: this service is for those who need to know or improve the tools for job-search, like for example the CV, the motivation letter, the job interview.
Group activities: 8-14 hours. Individual activity: max 3 hours
* Training and vocational guidance internship: this service addresses those who want to have an experience in a working environment.
Individual tutorship
* Help – job – foreigners helpdesk: one or more personal, free and arranged interviews at the Job Centre, from Monday to Friday when the Centre is open.
* Eures help-desk: personal vocational guidance interview with the eures consultant. It’s free. You can go to the Job Centre in Cremona from Monday to Friday when the Centre is open.
* Internships’ databases: you can fill in the form at the Centre’s Helpdesk or send it by email to the address: centro.impiego.cremona@provincia.cremona.it .
The offers of internships are published on Sundays on the newspaper "La Provincia"; you can candidate yourself before the deadline indicated in the offer.

Every Sunday, on the newspaper La Provincia are published the weekly calls; if you want to participate you can go to the Placement Centre from 9,00 a.m. to 12,00 a.m. of the next Tuesday.

Cremona Job Centre works also for the following territories:
Cremona, Acquanegra Cremonese, Bonemerse, Cappella De' Picenardi, Castelverde, Cella Dati, Cicognolo, Corte de' Frati, Derovere, Gabbioneta Binanuova, Gadesco Pieve Delmona, Gerre De' Caprioli, Grontardo, Malagnino, Olmeneta, Ostiano, Persico Dosimo, Pescarolo ed Uniti, Pessina Cremonese, Pieve d'Olmi, Pieve San Giacomo, Pozzaglio ed Uniti, Robecco d'Oglio, San Daniele Po, Scandolara Ripa d'Oglio, Sesto ed Uniti, Sospiro, Spinadesco, Stagno Lombardo, Vescovato, Volongo.


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