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Via Cairoli, 12
26041 Casalmaggiore CR
Tel. 0375 42213 - Fax 0375 200372


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Job Information
Employment Centres

The Job Centre in Casalmaggiore, together with the Job Centres in Cremona, Crema and Soresina, is a decentralized structure of Cremona Province. It was constituted following the decentralization of the functions concerning labour and employment policies. From the organizing point of view the centres of the territory are all linked to the LABOUR SERVICE, in the framework of the ECONOMICS, EDUCATION, PROFESSIONAL TRAINING AND LABOUR SECTOR. According to the European employment policies, the Job Centres must adopt measures to fight unemployment.
The Job Centres of Cremona Province promote activities which foster employment through a net of labour services which allow people, companies and public institutions to meet their needs.

The people who are looking for a job can find:
* information services
* vocational guidance services
* specialist services
* administrative services
Companies and public institutions can find:
* information services
* advisory services
* human resources’ selection
* administrative services
At the Job Centres can be activated projects dedicated to new problems of the local labour market.

Services for citizens:
The Vocational Guidance Services of the Job Centre are organized with the Vocational Guidance Office of the Labour Sector. They address all the people who are looking for a job, young people and adults, disabled people, immigrants but also people who are looking for another job. These services can boast a certificate of the Quality Management System
The vocational guidance services have these characteristics:

More specifically, at the Job Centre, people can be helped to:
* Organize a working project and define the professional goals
* Make an internship in a company or in an public institution
* Understand their skills to create an action plan coherent with their territorial opportunities
* Use good techniques and tools to look for a job
* Prepare a CV using the European format
* Get ready for a job interview

All the services are FREE, they can be INDIVIDUAL or in GROUP activities and they are carried out by VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE EXPERTS.

It’s possible to have a vocational guidance service during the personal interview. Otherwise, you can contact directly the Job Centre or the Job Centre for Disabled People.

* Publication of job offers and interships
* From May 2006 the job offers can be found on the Internet on the website of Cremona Province at the address: www.provincia.cremona.it in the section "offers from the Job Centres".

At the Job Centre in Casalmaggiore is being implemented a new project and for this reason it’s possible to candidate yourself for offers proposed by private employers.
* Database for internships
*Administrative activity (unemployed people lists; anagraphic-professional forms)
* Job mobility lists
* Unemployment certificates
* Registration and certification of work contracts in all their phases (start, end, transformation etc)
* Provincial Projects of professional inclusion
* Information

Services for enterprises:
* Lists of possible employees organized according to their qualifications, age, educational level
* On-line publication of all the job offers
* Information concerning hiring procedures
* Preselection of people interested in doing an internship in a company

Services for Public Administrations:
· Selection for temporary employment according to the art.16 of the law n.56/1987
* Accounting and fiscal procedures for specific categories of workers
* List of persons interested in internships in public institutions

If you are interested in offers in public institutions remember that they are published on Monday from 9,00 am to 12,00. Offers are sent to the institutions on Thursday morning and then are published on the website of Cremona Province and on the following media and newspapers CGIL - CISL - UIL, La Provincia di Cremona, Nuova Cronaca, La Voce di Cremona, Radio Cittanova, Radio RC29 Viadana, Telecolor.

Job help for foreign people:
It’s a service for all the foreign people who are looking for a job and have a regular residence permit.
There is an one-hour (ore even more) interview according to the necessities of every person in which an operator will collect the information necessary to update the database.
Moreover, you can have a practical support to present yourself to employees and to organize in a better way the job search.
The service provides also:
* information on the opportunities of the service
* information on job contracts
* information on the documents necessary to stay and work in Italy (residence permit/citizenship application...)
* foreign school certificates’ validation
* working counselling (CV and motivation letter...)
* information on schools and training of the territory, initiatives concerning the project Equal Koinè
* useful information on the system of the public offices (INPS, Municipality, Police Headquarters,...)

The service addresses all the European citizens:
* young people who are looking for their first job who have a good knowledge of a foreign language
* employed persons who want to have a working or training experience abroad
*employed persons who are interested in improving or changing their working condition using their linguistic skills
* unemployed persons who are looking for an experience which can help them to obtain language and professional skills

You can have one or more counselling interviews on the opportunities in other countries. Then it is defined a professional goal and are collected more specific information. If you want to have another interview you must get in contact with the EURES contact person at the Job centre (use the telephone number or the email).
At the Job Centre in Crema, Soresina, Casalmaggiore you can have a look at the job offer abroad and have more information.

The Job Centre in Casalmaggiore works also for the territories of:
Casalmaggiore, Cà'Andrea, Calvatone, Casteldidone, Cingia de Botti, Drizzona, Gussola, Isola Dovarese, Martignana Po, Motta Baluffi, Piadena, Rivarolo del Re ed Uniti, San Giovanni in Croce, San Martino del Lago, Scandolara Ravara, Solarolo Rainero, Spineda, Tornata, Torre dèicenardi, Torricella del Pizzo, Voltido.

News for companies and labour consultants:
In January 2007 it was activated the online transmission of compulsory communication (start, end, transformation of contracts)


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